Myanmar: Taunggyi Lighting-Festival
Setting Heaven on Fire

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45 minutes, HD 5.1, release late 2013
English, German, French
DVD, HD-Download

Tens of thousands of people crowd together on top of a mountain. Some of them release hot-air balloons loaded with fireworks.

What happens? 
Then the world's craziest fireworks party takes off!

It turns the Burma town of Taunggyi into an explosive playground for pyromaniacs.

Stromboli 3D (in Production)
When Nature Exhorts to Humility

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40 minutes, HD 5.1, release spring 2014
English, German, Italian
Blu ray 3D+2D, DVD, HD-Download sxs and 2D

A woman in her eighties tells us her story of the Stromboli volcano in the period from 1930 to 2013. For many inhabitants of Stromboli, the volcano is both its Soul, and at the same time, a monster. Various people in the film tell of their life in the Unknown.

We experience the volcano’s unique power of attraction and learn why people have sought out this dangerous, tiny speck of earth as a place to live and work.

Burma 3D (3D & 2D)
Encounters in a Forgotten Country

58 minutes, HD 5.1, release late 2011
English, German, French
Blu ray 3D+2D, DVD, HD-Download: sxs and 2D

Multi-coloured hot-air balloons glide serenely over the lush Burmese countryside. Waterways and ancient temples pass underneath as excited shouts ring out, "look at the balloon!"

The isolated and primitive world of rural Burma eagerly absorbs these alien objects that soar overhead, providing a rare and beautiful vision
of a forgotten land, full of mystery and magic.

Trailer: The Taunggyi Fireworks Party.

Film clip: Ferris wheels in Myanmar, Taunggyi, Lighting Festival.

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The Making OF, shooting first Part september 2013

Test Shooting July 2013 for aerial drone Scenes and pre-production and Crowd Funding.

For 2D-play: go to full screen and deactivate 3D.

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Awards: Best Feature Documentary

3D KIFF Korea, 2011 …more
Finalist New York Filmfestival 2012

VOD Daly Motion (Journeyman Picture)
Journeyman Pictures is one of the world's leading distributors of factual video. Burma 3D was Documentary of the week.

Download this Award Winning Documentary just for 3.99 EUR.

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